The Groceries Code Adjudicator, Christine Tacon CBE, has published her 7th and final Supplier Survey results; illustrating the highest rate of retailer compliance to date.

The results indicate an overall net improvement between Grocer and Supplier practice. Of the Grocers showing the most improvements, 4 of top 6 took advantage of the Good Faith Receiving (GFR) programme; a unique offering by RAS, the only end-to-end provider of this service in the UK auditing market.

The history of the survey also shows a 23-point improvement, from 35% to 12% since 2014  for ‘Paragraph 5 Delay in payments’ which demonstrates the improvement variance from the first to the final report.  The RAS GFR programme directly addresses this issue, providing 7 of the 13 Grocers with a tool to allow immediate payments to suppliers and managing the credit of inaccuracies and shortages, a win for both Grocer and Supplier.

Through the GFR service, RAS also work with over 700 of the 1,958 suppliers who took part in the survey that regulates the UK’s Grocers.

RAS provide a range of supply chain auditing solutions to 9 out of the 13 Grocers mentioned; with services such as GFR as well as Goods in Receipting, Picker Accuracy, Loading Adherence and Cubiscan.

When asked about the GFR service that RAS provide Bob Holden, Stock Operations Manager, Sainsburys said “RAS encapsulate all that a client would seek from a supplier; their strategic vision dovetails with operational excellence. Working with a pioneering Sainsbury’s team RAS have set the standard for depot audit services and have established themselves as the ‘go to’ support for all Good Faith Receiving audit processes”

The results of the survey can be downloaded from the government website

For more information download our Good Faith Receiving fact sheet or call 0800 282 382