A Retail & Asset Solutions engagement initiative ‘Project Unite’ has been awarded as an ‘Outstanding HR Initiative’ at the Global Business Excellence Awards.

The objective of Project Unite was to create an environment in which employees would truly believe in what they do, and by providing the energy and excitement, it would help them to reach their potential both individually and as a part of a team.

Challenged ‘Apprentice’ style, the teams devised a set of business plans in a bid to achieve the most successful charity fund-raising initiative whilst demonstrating the essence of teamwork.

By focusing on creating a shared responsibility, it facilitated familiarity between individuals, encouraged skill sharing and gave colleagues the opportunity to work with others that they do not normally interact with.

Many charities benefited from the initiative, including the Retail & Asset Solutions chosen charity ‘The Children’s Air Ambulance Service’.

Speaking after the event, Lucy Moore, HR Director said “The project has encouraged the development of interdivisional collaboration which is now evident in many day-to-day working practices and has shown that by working together, we work more efficiently and deliver greater results. By focusing on creating a culture of transparency and freedom, we have seen an increase in the sharing of best practice and heightened contribution of creativity in our colleagues”

Following the award presentation, Lois Heywood, CEO addressed the teams “Thank you all for all your hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to this task. I knew before the project started that I was working with a fantastic team, however watching you all work together over the twelve weeks, your innovative ideas and your enthusiasm has proved that you are the best team I have ever had the pleasure to work with”

Project Unite has now become pivotal to socialising and implementing organisation-wide change and has ensured that Retail & Asset Solutions has a solid foundation to maintain culture and employee engagement to support the growth of the organisation.