We would like to thank our clients for their generosity in supporting us with the Santa Special Steam Train trips for PASIC Families at the Great Central Railway, Loughborough.

PASIC is charity that supports the families of children and young people with cancer at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Queens Medical Centre and Leicester Royal Infirmary.  They give families in the East Midlands much needed emotional, practical, and social support as well as granting families who are having difficulty making ends meet; and fund a family support worker on the paediatric oncology wards.

All Aboard!

The PASIC Santa Special will be departing Loughborough station for this wonderful trip on Saturday 24th November which will mark the start of Christmas for the PASIC Families.

Facts about Childhood Cancer

  • Nearly 200 new cases of cancer in children and young people diagnosed/treated in 2014-15 at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, QMC. Numbers have increased over the last 3 years.
  • In the UK cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in children aged 1-14 years and accounts for almost a fifth of all deaths in this age group. (Statistics Cancer Research UK)
  • Length of treatments for Childhood cancers vary from 6 months to 3 years or longer with relapse.

These figures show, there is a greater need for PASIC services and support than ever before.

Pasic is a growing charity, with a strategy to extend their support and services over the next 2 years to meet the increasing needs of families of children diagnosed with cancer. They have some activities supported by Children in Need and other grants, but their aim is to help more families and offer greater outreach and practical support as well as a broader range of activities for children with cancer, their siblings and parents.

PASIC c/o E39 Children’s Oncology Daycare
Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Derby Road, Nottingham NG7 2UH
Tel: 07874 223462 Email: mail@pasic.org.uk Reg Charity No: 1163662