Store Relocation & Closures

Retail store closures can be complex and require sensitive management.

Whether there is a need to re-locate due to store size, lease terms or an owned-estate building program; or a more unfortunate permanent store closure, there is an enormous amount of project planning required to ensure the effective re-allocation of assets and stock.

Our store support team are experienced in handling varied product types from heavy DIY items to frozen foods and will provide the expertise to successfully de-merchandise your stock in a controlled, logical & efficient way with the highest possible stock transfer accuracies whilst keeping shrinkage to a minimum.

Our store relocation & closure service comes with:

Seirs trained installers and merchandisers. We are also ISO45001:2018 certified and offer national coverage.

and provides significant benefits:


For an overview of our ‘Relocation and Closure Support’ service, please download our promotional leaflet.

RAS worker moving stock.