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Maximise On Shelf Availability with Direct to Store

In the dynamic world of retail, maximising on-shelf availability is a top priority for businesses looking to meet the ever-evolving demands of omnichannel shopping and short-life product requirements. Direct-to-store deliveries have emerged as a critical solution to address these specific challenges. However, a significant concern in this context is the accuracy of such deliveries, especially for high-demand items. Often, due to constraints in time and resources at the store level, delivery accuracy for these crucial products is not thoroughly checked or reported.

Recognising the pivotal role that delivery accuracy plays in ensuring customer satisfaction and optimising supply chain efficiency, we’ve developed a solution tailored to this precise need. Our extensive nationwide network of mobile auditors is uniquely positioned to assist retailers in maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and compliance in direct-to-store deliveries.

These highly trained auditors are equipped to conduct comprehensive audits on picked cages, allowing stores to place unwavering confidence in their logistics processes, picker accuracy, and overall compliance with established standards. By meticulously scrutinising each aspect of the delivery process, our auditors help retailers pinpoint areas that may require improvement.


One of the key advantages of our service is the speed and efficiency with which we operate. Our auditors swiftly identify your delivery error rate, offering real-time insights into the accuracy of your direct-to-store deliveries. Furthermore, we can provide value-added services such as shrinkage and hygiene management, loss prevention, gap scanning, and process compliance whilst at store. This valuable information empowers retailers to take proactive measures to rectify any discrepancies and enhance their overall performance.

By alleviating the burden of accuracy checks and compliance monitoring, our services free up valuable time and resources for retailers. This, in turn, enables them to shift their focus towards improving the customer experience, fine-tuning supply chain operations, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

In today’s competitive retail landscape, where customer satisfaction is paramount, our direct-to-store delivery audit services provide an invaluable tool to ensure that your high-demand items consistently reach the shelves with precision and reliability. With our support, retailers can navigate the complex challenges of omnichannel retailing and short-life product demands with confidence and ease.

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