Load Adherence & Marshalling

Increase in-store availability with Load Adherence and Marshalling Audits

Often, the focus on stock accuracy and impact to store is directed at despatch. However, our data show that left-off’s, mis-marshall and/or misguided delivery units cause a higher level of negative impact to store stock file than picker accuracy.

To combat this, RAS provide Load Adherence (LA) checks on equipment/media count or compliance audits on randomly selected vehicle loads, to ensure the right pallet/cage has been loaded on the right vehicle and select criteria has been met.

By adding our Load Adherence and Marshalling audits, improvements of over 50% can be realised within the first 3 months.

Download a copy of our LA & Marshalling service brochure here.


Steve Kennewell, GFR Manager at Sainsbury’s explains how Load Adherence and Marshalling can benefit retailers.