We are fully engaged as we enter one of our busiest months of the year to help retailers maximise sales through on-shelf availability during the peak trade season.

RAS colleagues are an integral part of bringing the magic of Christmas to life during the fast-paced holiday season by performing a number of functions that are critical in offering consumers correct and full availability in store and on-online.

Our ‘Mission Control’ centre in Orpington are planning and deploying large numbers of people throughout the UK and Ireland, from re-stocking sales floors to increased requirements for picker accuracy as consumers flock to the high street and book their online Christmas grocery slots.

We are also planning our annual ‘Turkey’ count for over 180,000 specific Christmas orders.  By supplying 100 dedicated check auditors in the run up to the festive break, our ‘pickers’ work in a chilled warehouse round the clock to ensure that stores have exactly what they ordered for their customers festivities.

Prior to the Christmas event, we are now seeing the majority of retailers participate in a spread of Black Friday promotions; even before the actual event and with the Boxing Day sales arriving earlier; it seems peak trading has truly become a multi-day or even a multi month event!