Good people are at the heart of any successful business, and Retail & Asset Solutions employs more than 2,500 highly trained stock-takers and auditors throughout the UK and Ireland.

As specialists in retail stocktaking services, stock-control management and reporting, we can help your business minimise shrinkage, disruption and fraud. Effective stock control can also help you reduce loss and manage risk.

Our experienced management teams deliver practical training and undertake regular performance reviews so that we achieve consistently high levels of accuracy and productivity.

Our Bespoke Start2™ Retail and Wholesale Software

Since the 2018 management buyout, RAS has invested in the latest hardware, and developed in-house software to improve accuracy, visibility, productivity and efficiency. Our cloud-based Start2™ software can also work offline so that our systems aren’t disrupted by poor network coverage.

Start2™ can be configured for each client, allowing us to deliver bespoke reporting. The system also enables clients to monitor count activity in real time across multiple events.

Innovative Paperless Reporting Systems

In line with our drive for sustainability, RAS operates a paperless reporting system. By using tablets across the board, we have eradicated paper, printers and cartridges from our business.

The paperless checking system is ideal for clients carrying out variance reports, while the latest 3D scanners allow store staff to carry out blind checks quickly and effectively.

Our systems are designed to integrate with yours, giving clients access to a secure network that delivers information seamlessly. By making sure the right stock gets to the right place at the right time, we can support your business when it really matters.


Retail & Wholesale Stocktaking

Business intelligence for optimised inventories:

As specialists in retail and wholesale stocktaking, Retail & Asset Solutions can help your business increase efficiency and maximise profit. We can also help minimise shrinkage, disruption and fraud, ensuring you can meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced retail environment.

Greater stock visibility with our Start2™ Technology:

Using pioneering Start2™ technology, we can provide accurate, timely and informed stock visibility insights, allowing you to update your stock holdings and ensure the right products are on your shelves all the time.

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Pharmacy Stocktaking

Retail & Asset Solutions provides a range of class-leading pharmacy stocktaking services.

RAS pharmacy counts are acknowledged as the most efficient, accurate and professional in the UK. Delivered by pharmacy specialists who are trained in count methodologies and drug classifications, our fully managed service delivers a complete cost-effective solution.

We also provide flexible self-managed stocktaking solutions. We can equip your staff with cutting-edge hardware and our pioneering Start2™ software. We’ll also allocate you an RAS Pharmacy Account Manager to coordinate the process and provide independent verification .

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Hospitality Stocktaking

Accurate stock levels ensure that you can plan with confidence, maximise profits and provide a first-rate customer experience:

RAS’s industry-leading service identifies areas prone to shrinkage so you can minimise wastage. Choosing our hospitality stocktaking service gives you access to a range of key performance indicators. Detailed stock reports designed for your business will analyse your stock holdings, and we will also provide site-by-site and multi-site reporting functions and performance rankings.

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Why choose us?

Increased sales

Accurate stock files:We make it easier to check stock anomalies, ensuring counts really do provide a true valuation

Increased on-shelf availability: To support increased sales and customer experience

Enhanced resource

Improved operational efficiency: We’ll provide stocktaking preparation guidance to site

Dedicated auditors: To allow your co-workers to concentrate on your customers

Exclusive teams: Our colleagues will develop familiarity with your business processes

Enhanced processes

Reliable cycles: We always stay on schedule to maintain accuracy

Flexible scheduling: We are available whenever you need us

Trusted and accurate results

Experienced auditors: Providing independent validation

Tailored service: To achieve your critical objectives and specifications

Instant data results: Visibility and reconciliation performed to your specification through our intelligent client portal