Who We Are

For more than half a century, Retail & Asset Solutions has been pioneering stocktaking, store development and supply-chain management services. We take an innovative and proactive approach to product development and service delivery, engaging with our customers to deliver tangible results in highly competitive KPI-driven environments.

With approximately 3,500 employees, we have a large pool of multi-skilled retail-trained colleagues throughout the UK and Ireland. We also have a fleet of over 70 minibuses to deliver our teams to any site in the UK.

As well as providing highly trained personnel for outsourced stocktaking and merchandising assignments, RAS is the only company delivering supply-chain services to retailers with GSCOP compliance via Prosper™, our in-house technology.

This unique system enables retailers to track and verify the accuracy of all the goods they receive from suppliers in real time.

As drivers of innovation, we embrace new technologies and concepts. We were the first company to use barcode scanning with bespoke reporting, and we were also the first to implement wireless RF data transmission. RAS’s dedicated Technology Innovation team introduced radio frequency identification (RFID) inventory services, and we are still market leaders in the practical implementation of RFID.

RAS’s ‘good faith receiving’ (GFR) process is the only one recognised and accepted by retailers, suppliers and the GCA. We continue to invest in research and development, working with our customers to identify opportunities to drive sales and reduce loss.

Our Mission

“To be the industry’s most trusted retail and asset services partner by providing technology solutions and innovation and by building a culture that both encourages and inspires our colleagues to provide exceptional customer service.”

Lois Heywood, CEO