Our Partners

Together with our Partners, we deliver tailored inventory solutions for all types of retail, wholesale and hospitality businesses. From product to services and business transformation, we constantly innovate to provide the latest technology. Our Partners share the same ethos as us, with unique expertise and a passionate commitment in delivering the solutions that meet our client’s needs.

Denso Wave Europe

With a strong focus on cutting-edge technology, Denso Wave are a trailblazing force in the realms of automatic data capture and industrial automation. Their expertise lies in providing solutions tailored to the unique needs of retail and logistics businesses.

As experts in RFID systems, Denso Wave offer unparalleled capabilities for asset identification, tracking, and management.

Through the reliability and robustness of their technology, Denso Wave products complement RAS’s approach to delivering end-to-end solutions to their customers that drive efficiency, productivity, and operational excellence.

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Chainlane is a supply chain transparency platform helping to eliminate retail operations blind spots.

Together with RAS, Chainlane delivers a complete end-to-end supply chain solution, covering all necessary requirements from planning to execution, including all hardware, software, and ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and continuous growth.

With the Chainlane platform, companies can achieve greater visibility, intelligence, and control to improve operations, reduce costs, and ultimately increase bottom line sales and ROI.

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Impinj specialise in connecting everyday items to the internet using its RAIN RFID platform. The company’s innovative solutions cater to a variety of applications including asset management, automated checkout, and inventory management. Their technology extends the reach of the internet to a wide array of physical items, thereby facilitating the virtualisation and optimisation of business processes.

The company’s product range includes tag chips, reader chips, readers, and software, targeting industries like retail, healthcare, and supply chain management. Impinj’s approach to integrating physical items into the digital realm contributes significantly to the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) by offering valuable connectivity, data delivery and insights for all types of businesses.

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SATO is a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that connect people, goods and information.

In partnership with RAS, SATO bring connected print and RFID solutions to life for our customers. Backed by a UK print fulfilment centre, SATO ensure our customers can find a label or RFID tag for almost any application. Sato’s connected printers combine with our software solution; providing solutions covering traditional label printing, mark-down, Natasha’s law, RFID and much more.

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42Gears specialise in unified endpoint management solutions, offering a range of products that secure, monitor, and manage various devices such as tablets, phones, desktops, wearables, and VR equipment.

Additionally, 42Gears offers capabilities in mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), unified endpoint management (UEM), enterprise contact management, secure email, multi-OS support, remote access, data loss prevention, and intelligent camera blocking applications.