As specialists with over 60 years’ experience in the retail environment, Retail & Asset Solutions provides outstanding merchandising services to major retailers across the UK and Europe.

Our experience means we fully understand the complex demands of every project and the real need to provide the greatest possible return on your investment.

Our retail merchandising services include store opening and refit support, stock-management solutions and range-review management, all of which help you maximise product availability and increase productivity, footfall and sales.

Our solutions are flexible and scalable because we know our clients’ requirements are fluid. We also ensure our highly trained teams adhere to ethical, quality-driven working practices.

Why choose us?

Our ability to scale our resources to meet your requirements without compromising on service is our main strength. We have a large multi-skilled labour force that allows us to undertake roles across the retail landscape. With teams throughout the UK, we can quickly respond to your merchandising and store-support needs.

Customers can verify our team’s capabilities, skills and qualifications via our in-house RAS Sourcing™ system. Using the latest technology, the system displays all the information on a unique dashboard that customers can access securely using private login details.

Our ability to scale our merchandising and installation services extends to every retail environment, including supermarkets, DIY, homeware, convenience stores and high street outlets.

High-Volume Merchandising

Retail & Asset Solutions are always on hand when you need external merchandising personnel to help you achieve your objectives. Our teams support businesses with high-volume merchandising, and they can be deployed across the UK at any time. They provide an in-store presence when you need it most or ad-hoc support to drive seasonal trade.

Whether you’re looking for short-term support or a long-term contract, RAS will find the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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Seasonal Merchandising Support

Retail & Asset Solutions can help you increase availability, maximise sales and improve the consumer experience with seasonal merchandising. During cyclical periods, especially during the busy festive season and January sales, we support retailers by providing exceptional retail merchandising staff who can help you enhance the shopping experience for all your customers. With nationwide coverage, we can place seasonal staff in stores across the UK when demand surges.

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Combined Installation & Merchandising

Retail & Asset Solutions can combine installation and merchandising services into a single fluid operation that delivers benefits including dismantling and moving all types of retail shelving and systems.

This combined service is available nationally for new store openings, store closures, range reviews, refits, conversions and much more.

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Store Relocation & Closures

Retail store closures can be complex and require sensitive management. Stores often relocate due to size, lease terms or an owned-estate building programme, while some may have to face permanent closure. In most cases, careful project planning is needed to re-allocate assets and stock.

Our experienced store-support team handle all manner of stock from heavy DIY equipment to frozen foods. They have the expertise to de-merchandise your stock in the most efficient and cost-effective way. They will also deliver the highest possible transfer accuracy while keeping shrinkage to a minimum.

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